Many thanks to Doug Pickard and Meg Keene for supporting music at their entrancing music space Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge in Parksville, B.C., located on Central Vancouver Island. When we were looking for a venue, we didn’t have to look far. We knew that GZAL was the space to film, and WILL be our recording space for this project.

Visit their website HERE to learn more about upcoming shows featuring legendary and up-and-coming Canadian musicians, as well as their open mics and classes.

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Merideth Bisiker


Favourite quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Merideth’s 25-year career in finance and accounting shouldn’t fool you into thinking that she’s a boring numbers person. A look at her C.V. will tell you that her professional work directly supports her role as Lifers’ producer. A deeper look at her social media feed and you’ll see that she’s a supportive acting mom, and has a history of being an obsessive fan of music. She works hard, and plays equally hard as a vocalist in a rock and pop cover band. She’s also recording in studio in March 2019 as back-up vocalist and percussionist. Merideth accidentally found herself producing this music documentary after a fateful trip to Nashville and a lunch meeting with Lifers’ director Zachary Tannar. She’s excited to be making a contribution to Vancouver Island’s film scene.

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Zachary Tannar


Favourite quote: It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Zach’s versatility as a filmmaker covers all aspects of production and different styles of filmmaking from dramatic narratives, comedy sketches, to eye-opening documentaries. The common thread of all his various projects is his passion for insightful storytelling. His successes as a director include his short film “Framed” being accepted into the 2014 Victoria Film Festival and his sketch “Princess Syndrome” premiering at ​the 2018 Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, as well as “Living With” which was a documentary he produced that was funded by Telus STORYHIVE in 2018. When he has the spare time, Zach enjoys practicing guitar and playing rock n roll tunes at open mics.

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“Van Isle, or go home.” – Merideth Bisiker, Lifers Producer

Vancouver Island is home to thousands of people who work in the film and music industries.  Out of those, our director Zachary Tannar handpicked our crew members to film our pitch video, who are entirely Vancouver Island-based. We’ll also be inviting them to join us when we film the full-length documentary.

The strength in the stories our artists weave, and the song that they’ll record together, is firmly seated on our west coast “rock.” The Island radiates an incomparable, sublime energy that our crew will intuitively know how to capture and convey through the artists’ stories and songs + the natural beauty of the region.

As the project progresses and new roles open, our intention is to build the diversity of our team.

Allow us to introduce you to our crew, in alphabetical order:


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Joseph Boutilier

Camera Operator 

Favourite quote: “All my life I have been happiest when folks watching me said to each other, ‘look at the poor dope, will ya’?'” – Buster Keaton

Joseph’s diverse work experience has inspired a unique approach to filmmaking. Since graduating from the Vancouver Film School, Joseph has worked as a social media game designer, political communications officer, and production coordinator and graphic designer. Now, a STORYHIVE alumni, he’s thrilled to be working in film, helping to share compelling stories, both real and fictional. As a camera operator, Joseph has worked on everything from Much Music videos to TV pilots, MOWs and documentaries. His other roles in the industry have included Production Coordinator, 1st AD, Editor and Visual Effects Coordinator.

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Elissa Doerksen

Camera Operator

Favourite quote: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” – Albert Einstein

Elissa’s love for film stemmed off of her love for photography while she was studying at Vancouver Island University in the Digital Media Studies program. As a student, she was a key member of the VIU Marketing and Communications team producing a series of videos portraying student life on campus. This opportunity, alongside many other leadership roles she took on while at VIU, including acting as President of the Digital Media Studies Club, led to a well-rounded portfolio by her graduation in Jan of 2018. She is now the Communications and Media Producer for a local non-profit organization and is growing her freelance photography and videography business, The Swivel Project. One of her future aspirations includes creating documentary films, so being a part of the Lifers music documentary is a very exciting occasion.

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Nathaniel Fast

Camera Operator 

Favourite quote: Imagination means nothing without doing.”original

Nathaniel has been fascinated with filmmaking since the age of six. His first success was directing a short film “HB” at the age of 17. The film was in the official selection of the Calgary, Edmonton, and Austin film festivals and won numerous awards. Most recently, he was a involved in two STORYHIVE projects as an assistant director and director of photography. He now focuses on directing, writing, and shooting his own projects.

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Jake Friedrich

Camera Operator 

Favourite quote: You were born to do more than just pay bills and die.”– Anonymous

For the past 5, Jake Friedrich has been immersed in the world of media arts. As a communications student, an audio engineer, and a filmmaker, Friedrich’s passion for storytelling and growth doesn’t stop at one medium.

Evan Matthiesen

Sound Technician

Favourite quote: “Don’t quote me on this.” -Anonymous

Evan Matthiesen is a Victoria-based award-winning sound engineer and music producer. Known for his work recording and mixing sound for film, as well as recording and performing with bands in the Victoria and Vancouver area, his skills are perfectly aligned with this project’s vision, and will provide top notch on-location sound recording for interviews and performances.

Matthew Yeoman

Camera Operator & Photographer

Favourite quote: “Adversity is the birthplace of supernatural promotion.” – original

Artist, experience designer and lover of storytelling. Matthew craves the adventure, from the depths of feeling to the top of the mountains. Poet, painter and photographer, he finds his joy in being a part of creation.

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