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This is a fresh twist on an old story.

The “lifer” musician, doing it for the art, for the legacy.

In it for life, in spite of the struggles.


So what happens when we bring a carefully selected group of musicians to talk about the biz?

How do they react when they find out that we want to interview them – AND ask them to record a song about being lifer musicians – TOGETHER?


Will they say yes?


If they say yes and successfully collaborate, our artists’ song promises to stand out as highly acclaimed AND listen-able.  #repeatplay

And imagine the inside industry secrets they’ll share with you when they share their stories as lifer musicians. It’ll be like being the fly on the wall of an industry event from the comfort of your own location.

Most importantly, we’ll get an intimate look into their lives, hear about what is and isn’t working in the industry, and learn how they create lives following the call of creativity

Our full-length documentary, Lifers – Working Song Title, promises to be a captivating documentary that allows the artists to prove that their creativity goes beyond their musical talent. In fact, their creativity allows them to find ways to put bread on the table and feel successful, something millions of people want to pursue, but the leap terrifies them – and you.

This film comes at a time when the rest of us lifers are ready for a change, but feel trapped. Trapped in jobs we hate. Trapped in stale relationships. Trapped in cities that bore us. Desperately wanting to pursue creative endeavours, yet not willing to take that next step.

Watch our pitch video above and listen to our musicians. Lean in. Groove to the sounds. They have something to tell you through their music, stories, and collaboration. It’s time.

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